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Many businesses want to encourage their customers to reuse drinkware. If you are looking for incentives for using reusable drinkware we have some ideas.  Reusing a mug, tumbler or bottle even once helps reduce waste-so let’s encourage it!

Each time your customer uses that reusable item (we offer t-shirts and bags also-see our partner company Buffalo Embroidery) they can get a dollar or percentage off their next purchase.  Maybe the more items they have the larger the discount.

Some businesses buy drinkware slightly larger than their disposable ones- so their customers get more immediately with their first purchase.

Customers who come in with their reusable item  can get priority service- think about the priority check in at hotels. This makes them feel special and part of the family of your business.

Some businesses offer discounts if they are tagged in a social media post. You could offer a discount if they tag themselves with one of your reusable items.

We suggest putting a year on your reusable drinkware. Whether it is a travel mug, bottle or glass. This will help you with controlling the amount of times it can be reused. You can even go farther with a particular event or holiday.

By encouraging reuse- you are not only helping the environment you are also getting advertising out for your business. Adding incentives for using reusable drinkware gives a added reason for your customers to feel good about helping the environment.

We are not Amazon. Not that there is anything wrong with Amazon- I shop on it fairly often. But we are not them.

Campfire Premiums is a family owned, family run business. We are small and local. I as the owner touch every single order personally. When you order from us you know you are dealing not just with the owner (me) but my family also. Our teenage children and those of our employees come in to help whenever we need them.  We all pitch in wherever we are needed.

Most of our items we print in house. The ones we do not I have small, family owned factories who help us out also. We support other small local businesses this way.  We move slower and more meticulously. We give each customer our full attention. All of our customers are appreciated- their order truly makes a difference to our family.

We are not open evenings or weekends. We spend that time as a family. Cheering on our son at Rugby, or watching our daughter cheer. We have dinner every single evening sitting at our table sharing our days. Cell phones off and in another room. Our family and the families of our employees are the most important part of our lives. As a customer, you are part of our family.  I will do everything I can to make sure you are happy with your order.

The Sun magazine did a feature interview with author Stacy Mitchell on how Amazon undermines local economies and is bad for small businesses.  We ARE a small business and actively support other small businesses. Our pricing is tailored to businesses of all sizes. We have smaller minimums available for our family owned small businesses that we cater to. We will help you find the product that is right for you.

We control what we sell. I personally touch and inspect every product before we offer it.  When you buy a product from Campfire Premiums you know it is safe and great quality. See this Wall Street Journal Article: Amazon Has Ceded Control of Its Site. The Result: Thousands of Banned, Unsafe or Mislabeled Products  

Campfire Premiums is not Amazon. We are personal and involved and human. Just like you.

Just a random picture of my dog- because he is cute…

Our Country Cups are a bulk custom printed 16oz enameled steel cup with black rim. They are the traditional enameled steel camp cup with black rims. These camp mugs are the old fashioned tin/metal camp cups you remember. The great colors and black rims add a touch of style to this basic camp mug. This is our most cost effective enamel mug. Our Country Cup is perfect for an old time country or retro program. This mug will also be ideal for outfitters, outdoor events and other camping related uses. If you need a cup for a camp related marketing promotion then this is the cup for you. These are one of our best sellers and are on sale through the end of December 2019!

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We have been selling a lot of our Scout Mugs. They are a bulk custom printed 9oz stainless steel camping carabiner mug.  The double walled stainless steel construction will take a beating. The double wall helps keep your coffee warm or your beverage of choice cold. Additionally, it will resist staining and odor retention. Our Scout mugs stainless steel interior cleans easily. Wipe the exterior with soapy water and you are good to refill!

The attached carabiner hooks easily onto backpacks and belt loops for easy transport. This great stainless steel camping carabiner mug has been popular with festivals and camp-themed weddings. Your guests will love this portable mug- and can hook it onto purses, belt loops or bags. No more lost mugs with our Scout!

Bring this handy 9 oz. double wall stainless steel mug with you next time you camp or hike. With a foldable carabiner handle, it is easy to take with you. The double wall construction helps to keep your coffee hot longer. The carabiner handle allows you to snap it onto a belt or backpack quickly and easily. The edge of the mug has a rolled rim for safe sipping.

The stainless steel exterior shows off everyone’s logo well.  The matte silver finish looks great with any logo.  Our Scout mug comes with different handle color options so you can match or complement your logo.

Our Scout mugs have made it all over this beautiful country of ours, from Burning Man to mountain top weddings.  Camping trips to state parks.  Everyone loves this stainless steel camping carabiner mug!

Scout- Bulk Custom Printed 9oz Stainless Steel Camping Carabiner Mug

As with all our products, we recommend you follow our care instructions and hand wash. Do not put this in the microwave.

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”- Annie Leonard

That really hit me this morning.  I learned in our parental “drug awareness and prevention” training at our high school that this is a really easy way to see if your kids are doing anything wrong. Check their garbage cans. Teens (and people in general) seem to think once it goes into that garbage can it is gone. Like we are tossing our garbage into a black hole. The old “out of sight out of mind” thinking.

I was cleaning out under my kitchen sink a few years ago. And 90% of it was plastic bags. Hundreds of them. They shocked me into using reusable shopping totes. I see the eye rolls from the people behind me in line. I don’t care. I am doing my part in not contributing to landfills. They are easy to use- once unpacked I hang them on the doorknob, or when my car is in the garage I toss them onto the hood. Then I keep them in my trunk. Always ready to use. Simple. And no more under the sink clutter.

I don’t understand the throw away society we live in. We have some of my grandfathers old tools and garden machinery. We repair it and keep using it. Things were built to last. If it broke, fix it. Today everyone seems to just throw it away and get a new one. There is no “away”. Where do we think our garbage goes?  Have you driven past a landfill lately? They are massive. Everyone should make a trip to one in their lifetime. Just to see the waste.

Did you know a plastic water bottle takes 450 YEARS to decompose? Let that sink in. 450 years. Recycle them. They can be made into so many different things. It is easy to do. Or use a reusable water bottle. Again, super easy to do. I keep an infuser bottle (our Griffin) on my desk all the time. I clean it out and refill it every day. Easy.  All those coffee cups Starbucks and others hand out every day- they do not go “away”. Use reusable travel mugs.  We all have them- piled up in a cabinet somewhere. Take them out and use them. Buy a baby bottle brush to wash them out. It takes less than a minute.

Lets end the throwing away thinking. Lets try to reuse and recycle. Lets realize that “away” isn’t a place but an excuse.