Campfire Premiums supplies quality custom screen printed drinkware. We can help you with your promotion of your coffee shop, bar, brewery, school or organization. Custom screen printed mugs, water bottles, growlers, etc make exciting and unique promotional advertising. If you are looking for promotionals you found the right place! Campfire Premiums offers wholesale, coffee shops, cafes, schools, corporate, breweries, fundraisers. We custom logo here in  Buffalo,NY.

At Campfire Premiums, we are experts in screenprinted drinkware. We know you probably have some questions as to what your drinkware is made from. Below is a list of our most commonly offered materials.

Campfire Premiums Campfire Premiums offers wholesale, coffee shops, cafes, etc. All our prices include your custom logo printed in one location.


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Nalgene, Nalgene is an alternative to poly carbonate and maintains the toughness, odor resistance and great color choices of other bottles.  Nalgene Tritan™ is a tough and durable high-performance material that is also BPA free.

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Post-consumer Recycled Polypropylene

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