Natural Corn product, MADE IN USA

NatureAd TM is a biodegradable plastic material derived from corn, a renewable US agricultural product. Compostable to the ASTM D6400 standard, the use of NatureAd TM products helps relieve US consumers from increased oil prices, and reduces US dependence on foreign energy sources. Biodegradable. Biodegradable plastics are plastics that decompose by the action of living organisms, usually bacteria. Our products are made of corn plastics. Natural Corn product, MADE IN USA



What looks like normal oil-based plastic at first glance is actually polylactic acid (PLA) plastic made from specially processed crops. Also called corn plastic. You can drink coffee, tea or any beverage safely out of it. Much like corn ethanol, corn plastic allows us to make a comparable product out of a renewable resource, as opposed to oil reserves that will one day run dry. In addition, since corn can be cultivated throughout the world, market value doesn’t hinge on relationships with oil-rich nations or on peace in the Middle East. Bioplastics like corn plastic don’t require oil.

How is cor­n plastic manufactured? First, the harvested corn crop is soaked and ground so that the endosperm can be separated from the gluten and fiber. This step is typical in grain crop harvesting, too. Next, producers add enzymes to the starchy endosperm, which converts the endosperm into a simple sugar called dextrose. Then, the addition of bacterial cultures causes the sugar to ferment into lactic acid in the same way brewers use fermentation to produce beer. The resulting acid consists of lactide molecules, which bond into long chains called polymers. At the end of this process, bioplastics producers have pellets of polylactic acid plastic, which can then be spun off into fibers or melted to take just about any form.

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