Polystyrene properties and definition

Polystyrene is a versatile plastic used to make a wide variety of consumer products. As a hard, solid plastic, it is often used in products that require clarity, such as food packaging and laboratory ware. When combined with various colorants, additives or other plastics, polystyrene is used to make appliances, electronics, automobile parts, toys, gardening pots and equipment and more. Polystyrene is a clear and rigid economical plastic that is used in disposable cutlery, plastic models, and smoke detector housings. Products made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) can be found in packing materials, insulation, and foam drink cups.

Polystyrene properties and definition
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Polystyrene is made by stringing together, or polymerizing, styrene, a building-block chemical used in the manufacture of many products. Styrene also occurs naturally in foods such as strawberries, cinnamon, coffee and beef. Our products are BPA free.

Polystyrene will melt in the microwave.

Polystyrene drinkware has an excellent moisture barrier, excellent optical clarity in general purpose form. Polystyrene has significant stiffness in both foamed and rigid forms. Polystyrene properties include a low density and high stiffness in foamed applications and low thermal conductivity and excellent insulation with foam. Our drinkware uses polystyrene as insulation to keep your beverage the warm or cold while insulating the drinkware so you can hold it safely.