Canadian and Out of Contiguous USA orders:

We do not sell internationally. All prices shown are for Contiguous USA customers. All shipping is estimated- additional charges may apply. We do not offer international shipping. Sorry- we do not ship outside of the contiguous USA.

Setup Charge

To cover the cost of processing your artwork and creating a printing screen, all orders will incur setup charge of $45.00.

Full color prints available on a very few select items- noted on that item. Set up for full color when offered varies and is noted on each item.


Campfire Premiums gladly accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Checks, or Money Orders from new customers. (Orders paid by check will require a waiting period of four business days before production begins.)

30-day terms will be available to credit-established accounts.


Campfire prices are based on the receipt of “camera-ready” artwork. Camera-ready artwork is defined as any vectorized file created saved in .EPS or .AI format. Photocopied art, faxed art, screen shots and low-resolution formats such as JPEG, PNG , PDF and GIF are not considered camera-ready. Vector artwork is necessary. Raster file artwork, commonly called bitmap, is not acceptable. Artwork received in format other than vector will add charges.  We need an .ai file in vector format with all text converted to outlines- save as .eps or .ai file. The re-creation of non-camera-ready artwork will be billed at $35.00 per hour and will require customer approval before proceeding.

Curved lines must be a minimum of 0.5 pt thickness to print; straight lines must be a minimum of 1.2 pt thickness to print cleanly. There must be a minimum of 0.75 pt thickness clear space between objects in order for them to print without filling in.

Graphic designs created using pixel-based software such as Photoshop. File formats include .psd, .tif, .jpg, .bmp and .png. For optimal imprinting results, your images should be a minimum of 600 dpi (1200 dpi preferred) at 100% imprint. CMYK (4-color process) images should be a minimum resolution of 350 dpi at 100% imprint size.

Tolerance on registration artwork is 1/16”. This tolerance is industry standard and must be considered acceptable.

We can only print SOLID COLORS, NO GRADIENTS or HALF-TONES will be accepted (unless you are ordering one of our limited items that offer full color printing)

We offer one color printing on most products. All prices are based on a one color print.


We have used Fiverr to create logos and are happy with their work. If you need a logo created or put into the correct format I recommend them. Fiverr site

Imprint Sizing and Positioning

Campfire pricing includes the same customer artwork printed on the “outboard” (side facing away from user) side of the mug at an optically pleasing height, unless otherwise specified. Orders requiring different imprints on each side of mug will require an art charge of $45.00. Artwork size will be maximized either in width or height within the available product imprint area (whichever occurs first), unless otherwise specified.

Imprint Size: We will size your artwork to the maximum imprint area of the product ordered, unless otherwise requested. Due to the orientation of some designs, your artwork may be resized and smaller than the imprint area.

Orders must clearly specify if artwork is one-sided, two-sided, opposite the handle, or wrap-around. Orders must also clearly state if artwork is to exact size, or should be enlarged or reduced. In the absence of clear instructions, sizing and placement is at our own discretion. If specific instructions for art size and location are not clearly stated on the purchase order, then no claims will be processed. Imprint locations are defined as follows:


Here are templates for some of our most popular products. If you need one that is not shown please contact us at

These are shown as a PDF file to upload for print.  Artwork must fit in the dotted lines shown on the templates. Please note that fonts need to be 12pt or larger to print.

Make sure that you convert any text contained within your art into outlines/curves. Converting text to outlines in a vector based program will eliminate errors from embedded fonts.

Small lines, text and/or detail may fill in during the production process. PLEASE NOTE WE ALWAYS MAXIMIZE THE PRINT AREA

After you order you will receive a proof with your logo on it to approve prior to printing.

adirondack template

baby warthog template

barnowl template

beech template

big mink template

camp mug template

campground template

country cup template

evangola template

howler monkey template

lake mug template

Letchworth template

loon template

Meerkat template

mink template

mountain mug template

Oryx template

outdoor mug template

ponderosa template

safari mug template

sandpiper template

smore template

starry night template

warthog template


Due to the mechanics of screen-printing on a cylindrical object, an unknown amount of distortion will occur when artwork is printed around the circumference of a mug. Geometric shapes, such as circles and squares, will be especially affected. In most cases the degree of distortion will be unnoticeable to the casual observer and Campfire will take steps to keep distortion to a minimum.

Due to the inherent nature of ceramics and the properties of glassware produced by foreign and domestic manufacturers, there may be slight imperfections and irregularities which should not be perceived as defective. Variations in materials, firing temperatures and color pigments may result in variations in glaze and imprint colors. Ounces, sizes, and measurements are approximate and may vary from batch to batch, and within each batch. These variations are within industry standard and therefore must be considered acceptable.


Email proofs are available after your order is placed. Copy accuracy will be the responsibility of the customer when proof is approved or if  proof is waived.  An Art Proof is sent on every imprinted order, with the exception of Exact Re-orders, Same-Day, 1-Day and 2-Day rush orders (when available on select items). Proofs are provided at no charge 1 business day after we receive your P.O. and usable art. Approval of your proof is required before we schedule production and ship dates. Delayed art approval may also delay production. Seasonal delays may occur with proof production. We get them to you as quickly as we are able to.

Standard Ink Colors

All product pricing includes one of the following standard ink colors:

  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White

Important: Due to the somewhat transparent nature of printing inks, the final shade of a particular ink color after being printed will depend upon the color of the substrate (mug). When choosing an ink color please keep in mind that ink swatches are printed on white paper. The same ink printed on a dark colored mug may produce much different results. Campfire strongly recommends using white ink on dark colored products for optimal legibility.

Production Time

Campfire will ship/deliver within 3-4 weeks following your final approval and payment. Unless rush order requested.  Rush fees apply. Note: Rush not always available on all products.

Christmas Time

UPS / FedEx are unable to guarantee their normal transit times around the holiday. As a result, this extends to us and our customers as well. Firm in hands dates should be buffered with another 1-2 transit days just in case, especially with the upcoming holidays. We are unable to guarantee firm in hands dates due to carrier delays. We will continue to make every effort to get all orders delivered on time or before the scheduled delivery date(s). Proofs may take an additional day due to increased volume.  WE RECOMMEND GETTING ANY ORDERS YOU NEED BY THANKSGIVING IN BY MID SEPTEMBER AT THE ABSOLUTE LATEST!

Rush Orders

Campfire Premiums custom printed mugs, water bottles, growlers orders can be completed in less than five days but will be considered “rush” and are available only on a limited selection of products. Rush orders must also meet the same requirements of an order needed in less than eight days and will incur an upcharge of up to 40%. Please contact Campfire for product availability.

Repeat Orders

All files, artwork, and film on completed orders will be kept on file as the property of Campfire Premiums LLC.

Minimum Order Quantities

The smallest quantity available on each item is shown on the pricing schedule for each particular item. No we cannot sell less than minimum on an item. Minimum applies to both the quantity of the item as well as the logo-ie if the minimum is two cases of an item the minimum is two cases of that specific logo on that specific item.

Ink Color Change

Orders requiring an ink color change in the middle of the run will require a charge of $45.00 (plus custom color charge if applicable).

Dishwashing and Microwave Use

Hand washing is recommended for all of our products to promote the durability of the imprints. Dishwashing using commercial equipment (in restaurants, schools, etc.) is discouraged; the harsh detergents and extremely hot water will damage the decorations. On our “dishwasher safe” items we recommend the top shelf of your residential dishwasher.

Do not microwave any products containing metal, rubber or plastic; ceramics and glass items are generally safe for microwave unless otherwise noted on the product or related care information.


Sales are run during specified dates on specified items. Minimum order quantities on each item must still be met. Sales are not valid on previous purchases. No refunds will be given if you purchase outside of sale dates.  See individual sale items for details. Orders must be placed and payment received during the sale period to qualify for sale prices.

Shipping- Contiguous USA only

  • All orders will be shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. Shipments requiring either a different carrier or ship method will require the customer’s account number.
  • All shipping is estimated- additional charges may apply. 
  • Claims for goods lost or damaged during shipment must be filed with carrier.
  • Mixing Mug/Bottle Colors-Most of our products allow you to mix colors of your mugs/bottles. As long as your logo remains the same- same logo, same color, same size. You still need to order in full cases. Case sizes are indicated on each product. Put your color choices in the comment section of your order. You will receive email verification.  This is not applicable to all products. If we cannot mix colors we will let you know in the email verification.

Canadian and Out of Contiguous USA orders:

We do not sell internationally. All prices shown are for Contiguous USA customers. All shipping is estimated- additional charges may apply. We do not offer international shipping. Sorry- we do not ship outside of the contiguous USA.

Sales Tax:

In compliance with New York state law, applicable sales tax will be applied to all orders drop-shipped to any location within New York state unless a valid state resale permit is provided.

As we have a factory presence in California, in compliance with California state law, applicable sales tax will be applied to all orders drop-shipped to any location within California unless a valid state resale permit is provided.


All items are  custom made. You approve a proof prior to our printing. We do not accept returns.


We would be happy to provide you with one sample of any of our mugs. Our policy is as follows:

  1. Sample will be charged to your credit card at $20.
  2. Samples are sent to valid businesses, schools and organizations only. We cannot sell samples to individuals.
  3. We cannot ship any ceramic or glass samples. Our apologies.
  4. ONE sample can get sent out to you. We use multiple suppliers from all over the country and cannot ship out more than one sample at a time.

Please email any sample requests to:

Include the name and address of your valid business, school or organization.

Thank you for your interest!


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