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Our enamel mugs are stainless steel mugs with an enamel finish. The enamel is a protective and usually colorful coating that is baked onto the stainless steel. The vivid colors are fun and reminiscent of vintage camping cups. The enamel colors will not fade on exposure to sunlight. In addition to making the mugs look great, the enamel adds protection to them. The enamel coating helps to prevent corrosion (rusting) of your mug. Enamel mugs are highly heat resistant. When properly cared for, these mugs can last a long time.

Some fun facts:

  1. The making of enameled products on a large scale first began in Germany around 1840. They used a simple method compared to today: they heated the mug to a very high temperature and then dusted it with enamel,they then immediately fired the mug. This often gave them a spotty coat; two coats were always required to achieve the desired surface. Additionally, it could only be applied to cast-iron items, and they could only use it for simple products like mugs, pots and pans.
  2. From the 1840s- 1930s all enamel applications required two coats of enamel. The undercoat that was needed was always blue. The top coat of the desired color was most often white.

To care for your enamel- we recommend washing by hand as the abrasive action of some dishwashing detergents can scratch and dull the surface. Do not put in the microwave! This is a stainless steel mug with enamel coating. You cannot put metal in the microwave!  If you drop it on a hard surface, the enamel will chip.

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