Passivation properties and definition Passivation Meaning

What does passivated mean? Passivation definition is the process through which materials are protected from corrosion. Passivation process aims to reduce the deterioration of your stainless drinkware caused by their reaction with the liquid you put in them. The end goal of passivation is to increase the lifespan of the material in question by improving its corrosion-resistant properties. This process also helps keep the integrity of the flavor of the liquid you put in. With this metal finishing you won’t get “a metallic taste” to your beverages as the process prevents the liquids from interacting with the container.


Passivation of stainless steel enables you to put whatever beverage you want into your container without changing the taste of that beverage. The passivation stainless steel process gives you the confidence that the care you put into your product will be tasted by your customers. Passivated steel is the best way to bottle your product. Stainless steel passivation guarantees your beverage will taste how you intend it to.

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Passivation of stainless steel helps preserve the integrity of your beverage. It will not hold the smells, tastes or stain from previous beverages. So with the passivation process on our drinkware you can be assured that your beverage will taste how you want it to and not like the previous beverage you had in it.  Passivation gives you the peace of mind you are looking for to make sure your beverage tastes the way it should.