Post-consumer Recycled Polypropylene is a safe and effective environmentally friendly material. Post-consumer resin, or PCR for short (post-consumer recycled), is a type of environmentally friendly packaging created from recycled plastics, most frequently PET and HDPE. Recycled objects like bottles, milk jugs, buckets, and industrial goods may be disassembled, melted, and rebuilt to form a resin substance that is then used to build a new product—PCR packaging—instead of being disposed of in a nearby landfill.
With the help of old recycled plastics, many “new” items are continuously created using PCR packaging. Additionally, compared to items made from virgin resin, post-consumer recycled manufacturing uses fewer fossil fuels and raw materials in its composition, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
With PCR, manufacturers may create items of the same high caliber and affordability as those made from virgin resin while having fewer adverse effects on the environment. When it comes to protection, functionality, and strength, PCR plastics are on par with normal plastic film in grade.
Our PCR drinkware complies with FDA guidelines, making them safe for use in drink contact.