Many businesses want to encourage their customers to reuse drinkware. If you are looking for incentives for using reusable drinkware we have some ideas.  Reusing a mug, tumbler or bottle even once helps reduce waste-so let’s encourage it!

Each time your customer uses that reusable item (we offer t-shirts and bags also-see our partner company Buffalo Embroidery) they can get a dollar or percentage off their next purchase.  Maybe the more items they have the larger the discount.

Some businesses buy drinkware slightly larger than their disposable ones- so their customers get more immediately with their first purchase.

Customers who come in with their reusable item  can get priority service- think about the priority check in at hotels. This makes them feel special and part of the family of your business.

Some businesses offer discounts if they are tagged in a social media post. You could offer a discount if they tag themselves with one of your reusable items.

We suggest putting a year on your reusable drinkware. Whether it is a travel mug, bottle or glass. This will help you with controlling the amount of times it can be reused. You can even go farther with a particular event or holiday.

By encouraging reuse- you are not only helping the environment you are also getting advertising out for your business. Adding incentives for using reusable drinkware gives a added reason for your customers to feel good about helping the environment.