You may be looking at all our different enamel mugs and asking “what’s the difference?” Here is a comparison for you.


Allegany vs Geneseo

Our #1 camp mug is our Allegany. It has a rolled stainless steel rim and a speckled exterior. The black interior is a nice contrast. Minimum order is 100 pieces- starting at $5.25 each.  The Geneseo also has a rolled stainless rim and speckled exterior- but has a white interior. Our Geneseo has a minimum order of only 48 mugs and starts at $6.50 each mug.

Allegany vs Potsdam

Our Potsdam has a rolled stainless rim and a solid exterior. As opposed to the speckled exterior of our Geneseo.  They both have a black interior. The minimum order for our Potsdam is 60 mugs and starts at $7 each.

Allegany vs Letchworth

Our Letchworth is closest to the original camp mugs/ cowboy mugs you remember.  It has a speckled exterior and a rolled rim and handle. The rim and interior match the exterior of the mug. The Letchworth has a minimum order of 64 and starts at $6.24 each.

Letchworth vs Camp Mug

The Camp Mug is one of our original camp mugs (not THE original- just the first one we carried) It is smaller than our Letchworth- the Letchworth is 16oz and the Camp Mug is 12oz. They have really gone up in price from my suppliers and we no longer carry them- I would go with the Letchworth or one of our other mugs that we offer.

Safari vs Country Cup

This brings us to another original- our Safari mug- we sold a lot of these back in the beginning. But our cost has skyrocketed from our supplier. The Safari mugs were all solid white with colored rims. They were 12oz and came in a lot of great rim colors. This mug also went way up in price and we do not carry it except for special orders. Our Country cup is 16oz and comes solid colors with a black rim. With a minimum of 72 and starting at $7.19 each they are a great alternative. The country cup comes in several great colors- all with a black rim. Both the Safari and Country cup are solid white interior and exterior.

As for their similarities: They are all enameled steel. That is, they are steel mugs with an enamel coating to give them color. This makes them lightweight and gives them that old time look.  Our enamel mugs are hand dipped- and colors may vary on the body, handles and rims. They are all great for any old time country or retro program. These old fashioned mugs are ideal for for outfitters, outdoor events and other camping related shops and promotions. By using old fashioned mugs like these you give your brand the look that it has been around a long time-just like they have been.

All are hand printed here in the USA. All our prices include your one color, one location logo unless otherwise noted in the description. As hand printed items we recommend hand washing to preserve your logo.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions– I hope this helps clear up some confusion. Thank you!