Yesterday my two children “clocked in” for the first time. I entered them in to our system as official employees. They have helped out before- and we take them to lunch to thank them. But we needed them for the whole day- and they are teenagers now and need money for various things. I remember my first job- I also worked where my father worked. Ok, it was National Fuel Gas and I was not in the same department as he was. But we would ride back and forth to work together. It was nice feeling like part of his world. He would leave every day for this mysterious thing called his job. Now I got to see his office, meet his co-workers and call them my friends and co-workers also.

Now our children get to be a bigger part of our business. They always have been really. From our early days when Mary would go on calls to customers with my husband to later years when they get to come and color while we worked. Lately they have been stuffing bottles, trimming shirts and sweeping the floor. Whatever needs to be done, whoever needs help. It is nice seeing them work together on a project (they are 14 and 15 and don’t always get along). They both take pride in their work and love to see “their” stuff out locally being used.
We want to make sure they know every aspect of the business.
When they are here they are employees. They answer to senior employees. They will need to work with everyone to earn and learn respect. They love meeting our customers who will hopefully some day be their customers.

The other day my son slipped and referred to us as “our business” not “mom and dad’s” like he usually did. I am glad he feels that way. I hope all of our customers do also.