Newt, 32oz, flip bottle, converts, changes to tumbler, tumbler

When I first saw our Newt at the trade show I thought it was really cool. We ordered a sample right away. Then it came. And I thought it was the silliest thing I had ever seen. Who would want a bottle that converts to other bottles? What I at first thought was a great idea now I was doubting.  So I gave the sample to my 14 year old son.

He took it to Boy Scout camp and was the star of the camp. Because of a water bottle. They thought it was the best water bottle they had ever seen. So I took back my sample (sorry Jack) and added it to my line.

Newt, 32oz, flip bottle, converts, changes to tumbler, tumbler

Our Newt is a 32 oz. bottle. It converts to a 14 oz. double wall tumbler. You just unscrew locking ring, flip the top over, screw ring back on and TADA! you have a 14 oz. tumbler.


The PETG acrylic is shatter and impact resistant. Because it twists in half it is super easy to clean and put ice in. The way it converts from a bottle to a tumbler and back again allows it to do double duty. Put ice in the bottom before inserting the top and you have a great cooler to keep your drink cold. Great for scouts, campers, gift shops and camp stores. If you need a very unique item this is it.


Please follow all care instructions.