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I couldn’t sleep the other night and started to look up crafts with coffee. There are so many cute ideas out there that I thought I would share some with you. These are great ideas for kids as well as some ideas for gifts for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

The easiest ones are with coffee filters. You can color them with colored pens, food coloring, etc. Then cut them out into whatever shape you want. I love the fall leaves- just use a leaf from your backyard as the template to trace then cut out. Or make butterflies for the spring, or sun catchers… The possibilities are endless.


You can also make spider webs or snowflakes out of coffee filters. Easier than the traditional way since the coffee filters are already round. They also hold up better than paper and don’t rip as easily.


If you want to get creative, you can make flowers out of the filters. Accordian fold several of them, secure the center with a piece of yarn, or staple, or tape. Then puff out the edges- just like those tissue paper ones we used to make. Again, the coffee filter ones are sturdier and don’t rip as easy. You can gather a bunch of coffee filter flowers together and make a wreath, or a snowman, or whatever creative thing you come up with. Color them first if you want for a pop of color.

snowman          flower

There are also lots of great crafts you can make from coffee beans. You can go with the simple- glue them onto a frame. Or get fancy with how you arrange the colors and sizes. Clue them onto dollar store items or stryofoam forms to get the shape you want.

frame ornaments

My favorite is to use coffee beans with candles. Mix up the scents to make your home smell wonderful. Try vanilla or pumpkin for a great fall scent!


Check out the other fun crafts I found on our Pinterest board at:

Happy crafting!

coffee filter crafts, coffee bean crafts,crafts with coffee, coffee