From WNY Wine Country :

We offer a variety of acrylic stemwear for wine country, winery, wineries, wine tasting, wine tours, vineyard, local bars, and vintners. Our acrylic is shatter resistant, clear as glass and light weight. This makes is ideal for any wineries near me looking for a way to serve a glass of wine to our local wine lovers. The acrylic comes in several different wine glass types. We have stemmed glasses to stemless glasses. Any wine shop, wine tourism, wine vineyards, local vineyards, local wineries could sell them at their wineries to promote their local wine. They also look great in gift baskets.

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If you are having a winery wedding our glasses make great wedding favors. For winemakers, wine tasting tours, wine tasting events, local wine tasting our glasses are ideal. Use them for pool parties or picnics- anywhere that glass would be dangerous.  Follow our care instructions and they will last just as long as glass.

We also have some fun wine tumblers. Our Shark Vino2Go acrylic tumbler is perfect for outdoor events. The double walled acrylic keeps your wine cool while the lid keeps the bugs out. And prevents spills. The Tortoise is another fun option- it is a stemless wine glass with a lid and straw. Basically a sippy cup for wine lovers. Both come in great colors to complement your logo.

From WNY Wine Country  From WNY Wine Country

We also have a great option for the really unique- the Blowfish. We had a local casino buy them last Christmas because they kinda look like ornaments- she added them to her holiday displays and they were a hit. Their fun shape reminds me also of a coconut- so they are perfect for tropical parties and bars. Use at Tiki bars.

From WNY Wine Country

Whatever shape you need we have in our selection of different wine glasses. They all make great promotional items, gifts and trade show items. Let us help get your local winery or wine shop ready for the Fall wine tourism season.