Our best selling item is our Bobcat. The Bobcat 32oz tritan water bottle has a large opening for ice and for cleaning. Sports teams also like the large mouth to drink out of. This reusable water bottle has a strong tethered lid for convenience and for carrying. The large print area allows for customization with your logo. The opposite side of your logo has a pre-printed scale for mixing ingredients or for measuring water intake. As always, it is made from BPA free plastic for safe drinking.

Tritan properties definition

The Bobcat offers a reusable water bottle brand for your team. We have shipped them all over the country. There are colleges, churches and camps using our Bobcat to keep hydrated. We do mass customization of this tritan water bottle. Our team has sent thousands across the country.  If you want custom products to promote your brand, team, school, club, church, new product or anything- this is the bottle for you.

BPA free assures you that you and your team will stay safe. What is BPA free? BPA free means that our products do not contain Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is something that was found to be able to mimic estrogen and was shown to have negative impacts on animals. Our products are made from BPA free plastic so you do not have to worry about it. They are safe plastics.

Our Bobcat water bottle design made from eastman tritan is a great option for you to use to promote your brand.

We also offer our Bobcat as a t-shirt/water bottle combo. For $10 you can have your logo on the water bottle and on a white t-shirt with one color print. We stuff the shirt into our water bottle and put a size sticker on top of the lid for you. This is a great option for runs, camps or stores. They can retail for $20-$25. This great package also makes great fitness Christmas gifts, groomsmen gifts. It is a great solution if you need bulk gifts for fitness nuts. You can offer them hydration and a t-shirt to wear to promote your logo. Promote your gym with this gift for gym lovers.

If you are looking for something fun and informative to do with your scouts, team or group and live in the Buffalo,NY area we offer something here. For $10 each your group can come and print their own t-shirts. We bring you in to our shop and show you the process from start to finish. The kids get to see how films and screens are made. They get hands on experience with the process. Then each participant can print their own t-shirt. Their favorite part is always watching it go through the dryer. They get to put their still warm t-shirt on and leave with their bottle. The bottle process takes too much technical knowledge to let them print their own- plus the ink needs to air dry for a little bit. We do demonstrate the bottle press but the hands on part is their t-shirt. It is a fun field trip for your group to take. Give us a call to set it up, or email me for more details.

The Bobcat is a versatile option for everyone.