Do not put our products in the dishwasher. Even if you really really think it will be ok. You would think my own children would know this. But yesterday my son very nicely loaded the dishwasher. Including my water bottle. I am very grateful he did the dishes. Now my water bottle is no longer round. And leans a bit. And is softer than it was. The lid fits still- so I am using it today.


But I am using this as a teachable moment. Please follow our recommended care instructions. Your bottles will last longer and look better. Since they likely have your logo on them, you want them to look their best for your customers and employees. We include cards inserted in almost all our products with care instructions. Sometimes customers request that we do not, or the shape or size of the bottle/mug does not allow us to stuff it.

I know, there are a lot of people out there who say that they are dishwasher safe- most of my suppliers do. But they do want to keep supplying me with drinkware- right? My research on plastics in general tells me that they should not be superheated as it effects the integrity of the plastic. Most residential dishwashers are probably safe- maybe not the “sanitation” setting- but regular wash. But my water bottle is proof that not all are ok. Of course, I would like to sell you more water bottles when yours eventually give out. But I would rather have you love the one you buy and use it for years and years to come. And have your customers and employees appreciate the quality of our products. If you had a really nice car would you put it through the drive through car wash? Or would you hand wash it?  Do you throw your good wool sweaters in the washing machine? Or hand wash and dry? This is the same thing. Take care of our products and they will look good and make you look good for years to come.

Thank you!