Earth Friendly

Campfire Premiums is proud to offer custom printed drinkware that is eco-friendly. Let us help you show your customers that you value our beautiful planet we call home.


Campfire Premiums is proud to offer custom printed drinkware that is eco-friendly. By using earth friendly materials not only will you promote your brand, but you will also be positioning yourself as an environmentally conscious organization. In today’s world, we need to all be more conscious of our footprint we are leaving on our planet.

Our bulk custom printed eco-friendly products are not only great for the planet, but offer you a responsible form of advertising! Unlike disposable cups that get thrown away after a single you’re your customers and guests will be sure to reuse and keep your product.

By using earth friendly products, you show a commitment to taking care of our planet. This will show your customers that you care about the world in which we live and are leaving for our children.

Our Earth Friendly products help to protect the environment:

  • Our products are made of high quality organic recycled materials
  • They are able to be recycled themselves instead of added to a landfill
  • These eco-friendly drinkware options are compostable and biodegradable
  • They are a great way to reduce waste by encouraging your customers to reuse them
  • When you conserve our planet’s natural resources by using our earth-friendly drinkware you ensure that your logo and advertising is seen repeatedly each time it is used while making a lasting and important impact on our world.

Let Campfire Premiums help your business go green and make a difference. Allow us to help you associate your company with positive environmental conservation initiatives. When you use our custom printed earth friendly drinkware you show your customers you care! Our eco-friendly custom printed drinkware is great for the planet. Show your customers you are socially and environmentally responsible. Using sustainable products instead of disposables will show your community that you value this beautiful planet we call home.

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