What is a vitrified mug?

Vitrified mugs have a shiny surface that is made by fusing a vitreous (clear)  solution to it. This is done with a higher temperature firing process. As vitrification occurs the proportion of glassy bond increases and the liquid absorption of the fired product becomes progressively lower.  Vitreous china may be defined as less than 1% water absorption.

Vitrified mugs are fired at a higher temperature. This special firing process makes them more durable and more resistant to chipping. This makes them safe to put into commercial dishwashers. They will withstand the high temperatures and will not break down as regular mugs will over time. Vitrified mugs should not stain or lose their finish (and logos!) over time with commercial dish washing like regular ceramic mugs will.

These mugs are microwave safe and dishwasher safe. They are perfect for restaurant and coffee shop use.